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Post by GreyGrays on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:19 pm

1. Be respectful to others.
2. We do not like wild hacks, so don't hack.
3. You must NOT troll or spam other communities and forums. Also, do NOT harass any other communities in any way.
4. Do NOT spam in legitimate topics or creating spam topics. Nobody likes them!
5. Do NOT troll around on the forum.
6. Do NOT advertise other forums, websites, or anything that has nothing to do the forum or even Pokemon. Links of other websites are okay as long as they are not advertisements to popularize another community. This also means you are NOT allowed to advertise another website through you Signature. We're who we are, and we don't want anything to do with anyone else for the moment. If you wish to affiliate with us, then contact an admin (GreyGrays) via PM.
7. Do NOT impersonate anyone, that includes other members, but also ESPECIALLY Admins or Moderators. We'll just ban you.
8. Do NOT miniMod. By this, I mean, don't post something like "BAN HIM! LOCK OR DELETE THIS POST!" Mods will take care of them.
9. Please post everything in ENGLISH only.
10. Please don't talk stupid or your "l33t l4n9u493, n00bz!". That's not English, so it violates Rule #9.
11. Do NOT flood threads, or posting something 5 times in a row, or even posting many times in a row. There is an EDIT button. Use it! Also make sure that everything you post has a purpose. A post simply like " " or "heck ya" that doesn't serve much besides a simple agreement and a post-booster is considered spam.
12. There is no need for you to create duplicated accounts, so don't do it.
13. Do NOT send mass stocks of PMs to like, everyone, especially for advertising purposes. If we track you down, that is an instant ban. If you happen to receive one of such PM, feel free to contact a Moderator or Administrator, and ignore the content. If they're advertising that their website is better than here, all you need is to THINK: "Why would they need to spam advertise on other websites if theirs is so good? Maybe their website in fact, SUCKS."
14. Do NOT abuse the Chatango chat box and start your spamming.
15. If you're making jokes, don't take them too far where someone else can be offended. Remember that jokes are decided whether they're appropriate or not by the person that TAKES them, not the person that says them.
16. Don't ask for moderatorship or administratorship.
17. Your signature better not be obnoxious or large or both. It's pretty obvious when it just becomes annoying for others.
18. Anyone who steals contents that claim as his or her own will be banned without any warnings.
19. Administrators are to check-and-balance each other. All law/rule changes are to be agreed upon by BOTH administrators AND discussed on forum for a minimum of 48 hours, generally accepted by the common public before implimented.
20. Reviving old threads (necroposting) is strictly forbidden, except in the cases you want to update them with additional info/content.
21. Refrain from trolling to any newcomers. If they're being improper, they will be banned, but any form of discrimination just because they're new or "newb" is completely unacceptable.
22. Have fun on the forum!

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